Friday, 30 August 2013

DIN Standards Replacement by PED

The structure conditions for standardization and mechanical guidelines are actually altering fabricators of
pipes and accessories. The European Pressure gear Directive (PED) has replaced the preceding force Vessel cipher and new EN measures have replaced the preceding DIN standards.

In supplement, preceding mechanical guidelines such as the mechanical directions for force Vessels – Pipes (TRR), mechanical directions for force Vessels (TRB) and the mechanical directions for force Vessels Steam Boilers (TRD) are now invalid for new installations.

They have been replaced by the standardized EU wide mechanical guidelines EN 13480 “Metallic developed Piping”, EN 13445  “Unfired force Vessels” and EN 12952 “Water-tube
boilers and auxiliary installations” and 12953 “Shell Boilers”. Although, repairs and maintenance for existing equipment are still carried out in accordance with the preceding TRR, TRB and TRD regulations, significance that European and German measures will live in aligned and have to be discerned for some time to arrive. For this cause, you will obtain pipes certified to both the preceding DIN and new E measures in the future.

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