Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Manufacturing Process of Aluminum Composite Panels

Stages of Extraction of Aluminum:

Lightweight aluminum is extracted generally in two stages. In the primary stage alumina will be extracted from bauxite ore. This process is called Bayer’s train. In the pursuing stage, electrolysis is performed resulting in design of aluminum. Bauxite ores are ordered from mines. They are refined in caustic soda solution contributing to formation of light in weight aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum will be formed from aluminum hydroxide. This process is regarded as calcinations.

How Aluminum Composite Panels are Manufactured?

Aluminum composite panels are usually manufactured after passing through volume of processes. First of all, bauxite ore is processed to obtain alumina then it might be processed to obtain aluminum ingots. And then these ingots are usually melted at significant temperatures. Now this molten type of aluminum is passed by using a process. Guangzhou XINGHE aluminum composite panel company is the aluminum composite panel supplier and manufacturer. After this train, big slabs of aluminum are usually formed. Slabs are then sent for slicing. In this slicing process, different areas of aluminum are usually reduced. After this train hot rolling of aluminum is performed.

Sheets of Aluminum Panels:

Aluminum composite panel suppliers are developing new types of panels for more advancement. Some type of perforated metal is manufactured by metal stamping process. Commonly materials for perforated sheets are steel, bronze, brass, titanium along together with aluminum. Perforated materials are extremely light weight. They are utilized for enhancing strength and efficiency. Aluminum panels are believed durable as they don’t get rusted. They are often a perfect alternative for cold weathers. They are often preferred as examine to wooden panels mainly because they don’t get enlarge such as the wooden ones. Additionally, they are environment-safe. They may become inexpensive as examine to steel solar cells. These panels could be recycled. These panels are made with different thicknesses and styles.

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