Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Aluminum HoneyComb Panels & Their Uses

Aluminum honeycomb panels are mainly acclimated in architecture and building constructions and it is a decorative material, the Aluminum honeycomb panel are mainly used in facades and cladding of building.
Production equipment, high-temperature blended fabricated by pressure, to affected the past, the weakness of the honeycomb problem. The aluminum honeycomb Board in the humid, top temperature situations, will not change, is a high-quality, lightweight, high-intensity appearance Luxurious and adorned blooming decoration materials.
With China’s aluminum industry, equipment, raw materials, action technology becomes added mature, back 2002, From Russia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and added places in the aluminum processing plants and architecture adornment abstracts factory, and Aluminum honeycomb panels China afore introducing and arresting agents are in Chinese equipment, technology, raw abstracts in the bounded record.
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Nano Aluminum Composite Panel as Self Cleaning Agent

Builders and contractors faces an important issue of keeping their walls protected for longer time with less expenses of maintenance, but unfortunately to have a building with an extra beauty and extra safety is a difficult task for the contractors.

This problem can be solved at the time of selecting the material, if builders and contractors select the right material for their exterior wall of the building so it can save their expenses and can provide them the longer life. This can be done with the help of Nano Aluminum Composite Panels which are capable to have self cleaning quality due to the Nano coating.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Aluminum Windows & their Extensive Application

Aluminum windows are most popular type of windows specifically in commercial and industrial buildings. These windows are normally used in the form of frames which are made of aluminum metal instead of any other material like vinyl, wood, etc. With less number of drawbacks and more benefits, aluminum was the very first metal ever to be used for the manufacturing of windows in home environments specially.

With multiple aluminum windows supplier around the world, there are several featured products of aluminum windows available in the market. Each section is manufactured for a specific purpose or usage just like construction aluminum profiles are majorly used in the construction of any commercial or residential buildings. Similarly, industry aluminum profiles are used in furniture, ceiling, facades and related products. With several types of surface treatment and sections, it used in the making of fire resistance products. One of the special surface treatments is designed in a way that resists fire from the metal.

With its heavy usage around the world in the construction industry, especially in windy climate oriented areas, its popularity is rising time to time and is considered to be the only metal which is successful in the production of corrosion resistant goods.