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The first true fences were probably a stopper to animals. For protection, primitive people probably used piles of rocks or logs to protect their possessions and families from other groups. The first mortars were dried mud or earth. Even at this premature time, fence construction must have turn out to be a skill to be educated and passed from generation to generation.

Early tribes were monad hunters who traveled from place to place. Fences did not have to be any more than impermanent. As occasion conceded, people cultured to cultivate crops and domesticate animals, at this tip, they desired more enduring customs to spot off their fields and corral their domestic animals.
fences from rocks or foliage cleared from their planting fields. They made corrals by suspending vines and rope between logs and trees the forerunner of the barb wire fences.

barb wire fence
barb wire fence
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These fall into two categories, manmade rock and natural rock. Natural rock walls are common in rural areas where rock is the waste product when land is empty. Rock barricade builders don’t need any extraordinary tools except a tractor, a wagon to cart the rock, and a strong back. When rock walls are laid in mortar, mortar mixing equipment is needed. You will usually have to lay a foundation and will need a cement contractor.
Manmade rock veneer is popular with some architectural styles. It is usually applied over wood frame or concrete block walls. The contractor who frames the wall or lays the block may also concern the veneer. The gear necessary for applying veneer are the similar as for building block walls. There are some poured concrete walls which are reasonably inexpensive compared with other types of walls. They have very strong and can be used in most areas. You will need forms, usually made of wood, fiberglass or sheet metal.

Fence Maintenance Contracting

This is a good starter or add-on business as a starter business it is a way to get established while you learn the in and out of the fence contracting business. You need to be a good handyman, proficient in the use of hand tools. Some fence maintenance contractors offer fence maintenance contractors to customers with existing fences and walls. You offer to come by on a regular basis to inspect and repair any minor damage. You will oil hinges, tighten screws and bolts, and renal loose boards. You can also offer limited emergency service. You had done this on a per-call basis when severe damage has occurred. This could be necessary after a wind storm, or when someone has run their car through a fence. You service would include periodic painting or water proofing of customer’s fences. Your startup cost for this type of service is small, a few basic hand tools, a small inventory of materials and a pickup truck or van.

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