Friday, 1 March 2013

Tower Crane accident: resulting in deaths of two innocent people in London

In the previous month of January a helicopter crashed in to a tower crane in London. This resulted in the death of two people, leaving the damaged parts of the tower crane on a busy street of London.  The accident happened on a foggy day morning, with clouds covering the top most portion of the tower crane because of which the pilot of the helicopter wasn’t able to sight the tower crane. The accident resulted in deaths of the pilot of the helicopter and a man on the road. The time when this accident took place the operator of the tower crane was not in his cab. 

When the helicopter stuck the tower crane it resulted in bringing down out service parts of jib of the tower crane. The method for dismantling such a large crane with such a height would be bringing down the crane by the help of climbing cage and after that using the mobile crane to dismantle it when it is lower enough that it can be reached with the help of a mobile crane. In this case as the Jib of the tower crane has been destroyed it would know require a special apparatus to dismantle the tower crane.

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